Roblox Royale High New Year 2022

Read this guide to learn how to complete all the quests in Roblox Royale High New Year 2022.

Name Roblox Royale High New Year 2022
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Updated January 10, 2022

It’s 2022, and the Roblox Royale High New Year quests are officially here! You will be able to play these quests right until 15 January 2022, with the prize being the highly sought-after Midnight’s Strike Popstar set. There are 6 total quests you need to complete, and each of them is different. To make life easier for you, we’ve come up with this guide. Here, we will show you all you need to know and do in order to win the Popstar set.



How to Complete Roblox Royale High New Year 2022 Quests?


Puppy Royale High New Year 2022 Quest

To begin this quest, you first need to interact with two NPCs, namely nightbarbie and launcelotdev92. Next, you will need to start looking for the four missing puppies. The names of these puppies are Zed, Syndra, Jhin, and Cupcake.

You will find Zed on top of the moon. Syndra is located inside the window of the Jamoncii & Calin Co. boutique. You will find Jhin inside the secret puppy lair in the sewer. You will then find Cupcake right behind nightbarbie and launcelotdev92.



Once you find all four puppies, simply return with them to nightbarbie and launcelotdev92. You can now claim your prize.

Paint Quest in Roblox Royale High New Year 2022

The paint quest in Roblox Royale High New Year 2022 will require you to find five different paint colors. To begin this quest, you need to first locate and interact with ixChoco. Once you do so, you can begin locating the five different colors. These colors are Blue, Pink, Green, White, and Yellow.



You will find Blue right ahead of the New Year Party Stage entrance. You will find the color Pink right under the Friendship Drive sign. The color Green is inside the vent of the sewer. You will find the color White close to ixChoco, behind the snowman. You will find Yellow right ahead of the Luxury Highrise Apartments building.

Once you find all of the colors, simply return to ixChoco and interact with her. You will now receive your prize.



Scripter’s Quiz in Roblox Royale High New Year 2022

This quest requires you to answer 11 questions correctly. In order to begin the quest, you need to find and interact with NPCs Ironclaw33, calinpjoy, and Ice7. Next, enter the RHSSSHQ and then click on a computer.

You will now face 11 questions, and the answers to all need to be correct. Let us check out the questions and their answers below:

  • What kind of script is used to run code on the client? – Local Script
  • What does GUI stand for? – Graphical User Interface
  • Javascript is the official programming language used in Roblox – False
  • Size is an example of – Property
  • Math is often used in scripting – True
  • What does script.Parent mean? – It refers to the parent of a script object
  • Who is writing these questions at 2:44 am on 12/30/2021? – Calin
  • Which of the following are NOT valid objects in Roblox LUA? – NormalPart
  • What do scripters do? – They bring games to life with code
  • What is a line of code? – A line of code is a row of code
  • What is the name of the function used to get when a player joins? – PlayerAdded

Once you answer these questions, simply leave the RHSSSHQ and interact with the NPCs outside. After you do so, claim your prize.

Shopping Bag

For this quest in Roblox Royale High 2022, find and interact with Vioncii. Next, you need to begin looking out for 35 shopping bags. The locations of these bags are random, with the sewer being the exception.

However, there are a few locations you can try to look for these bags. They are:

  • Lamp Posts
  • The Alleys between buildings
  • Train Tracks
  • Snowmen
  • The ticket booth at the movie theater
  • Traffic Lights
  • Front portions of buildings
  • New Year Party Stage scaffolding

Once you find all 35 bags, head over to Vioncii and speak to her. You will now receive your prize.

Seashell Quest

You need to complete the Seashell Quest in order to unlock the Microphone in Roblox Royale High 2022. To begin, you need to speak to ReddieTheTeddy. After this interaction, you need to look for 15 seashells.

Just like the bags, the locations of these shells are random. You can even find these shells inside the sewer. An easy clue to tell if you are close to a shell is a colorful beam of light. Keep your eyes open for this beam, and you should be good to go.

Once you find all the shells, head back to ReddieTheTeddy and claim your prize.

Bunny Quest

The Bunny Quest will give you the Performance Skirt. To begin it, you need to find and speak to JamJooJoo. Next, you will be tasked with looking for 25 bunnies.

The locations of these bunnies are completely random and different for everyone. However, the bunnies will spawn in a similar area. We recommend you look in and around the street in front of JamJooJoo, especially around the train tracks at each street’s end.

Once you find all the bunnies, go back to JamJooJoo and claim your prize.

So there you have it. These are all of the quests you need to complete to finish the Roblox Royale High New Year 2022 events. Doing so will give you the Midnight’s Strike Popstar set, making it absolutely important to pay attention to all of the steps in this guide.

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