Project Hero Quirk Tier List (December 2021)

Here is the list of all the best Quirks you can use in our Project Hero Tier List

Name Project Hero Quirk Tier List (December 2021)
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Updated December 14, 2021

In Roblox Project Hero, you collect special powers or abilities called Quirks from the Quirk Lab. Here you can collect new abilities to use on other players on the server. You can find Quirk Lab nearby your spawn location. Or if you spawn far away don’t worry it will be within the city. Just look for the face icon in the area, and go towards it. Here you will need to talk to Dr. Mid Groody The Fruity. Here’s our Project Hero Quirks Tier List to know the best powers and abilities to equip.



Also if you are new to the game, then make sure to check out our Project Hero Codes to get free Quirk Spins.

Project Hero Quirk Tier List (December 2021)

Roblox Project Hero Quirk Tier List

This tier list is courtesy and completely based on the opinions of YouTuber Taklaman, He has put a lot of time into mastering and experimenting with the game, so please make sure to check out the original video we added below the tiers. So with that said, here’s the Project Hero Quirks Tier List:



Tiers Project Hero Quirks Rarity
SS+ Tier Deku One For All Legendary
SS Tier Half Hot Half Cold Legendary
S Tier Hellflame Epic
A Tier Electricity Rare
B+ Tier Explosion Epic
B Tier Muscle Augmentation Epic
C+ Tier Acid Uncommon
C Tier Gravity Rare
D+ Tier Leech (Super Regeneration) Uncommon
D Tier Quirkless None
D Tier Invisibility Common

Here’s the original video from Taklaman, we have assigned the “+” tiers as her his opinions in the video, and some Quirks are better than others within the same tier:



How to Get Quirk Spins in Project Hero

To get Quirk Spins in Project Hero, you can either buy them for Robux or use our free Project Hero Quirk Spin Codes. If you buy them, here’s how many quirks spins will cost you:

  • x1 Spin costs 20 Robux
  • x10 Spins costs 200 Robux
  • x20 Spins costs 400 Robux
  • x40 Spins costs 800 Robux
  • x60 Spins costs 1.2K Robux

Check out our more detailed guide on how to get quirk spins here.



Project Hero Quirks List

Here’s a list of all Quirks and abilities you can collect in Project Hero:

  1. Acid – Uncommon
  2. Deku One For All – Legendary
  3. Electricity – Rare
  4. Explosion – Epic
  5. Gravity – Rare
  6. Half Hot Half Cold – Legendary
  7. Hellflame – Epic
  8. Invisibility – Common
  9. Leech (Super Regeneration) – Uncommon
  10. Muscle Augmentation – Epic
  11. Quirkless – None

Acid – Uncommon 30% Rarity Chance

  • Acid Rain (V)
  • Poisonous Snake (C)
  • Acid Layback (X)
  • Acid Shot (Z)

Deku One For All – 1% Rarity Chance (Best Quirk in Project Hero Tier List)

  • St_Louis_Smash (N)
  • Delaware_Smash_Air_Force (R)
  • Vanishing_Drive (E)
  • Texas Smash (T)
  • Manchester_Smash (B)
  • Full_Cowling (V)
  • One_For_All_Leap (C)
  • Detroit Smash (X)
  • Delaware Smash (Z)

Electricity – 17.5% Rarity Chance

  • Lightning Flash (B)
  • 2,000,000 Volt Discharge (V)
  • Electric Eel (C)
  • Shockwave Stomp (X)
  • Electric Bolt (Z)

Explosion – 6.5% Rarity Chance

  • Explosive Surge (V)
  • Explosion Rush (C)
  • Jet Burst (X)
  • Explosion Barrage (Z)

Gravity – 17.5% Rarity Chance

  • Float Around (B)
  • Float Rush (V)
  • Meteor Rush (C)
  • Multiple Rocks (X)
  • Heavy Rock (Z)

Half Hot Half Cold – 1% Rarity Chance

  • Flame Quake (R)
  • Flame Pillar (B)
  • Ice Floor (C)
  • Flame Fist (V)
  • Ice Slide (X)
  • Ice Spikes (Z)

Hellflame – 6.5% Rarity Chance

  • Hells Doom (R)
  • Purgatory (B)
  • Hell Volley (V)
  • Flame Explosion (C)
  • Jet Burn (X)
  • Flashfire Fist (Z)

Invisibility – 45% Rarity Chance

  • Warp Refraction (C)
  • Invisibility Aura (X)
  • Invis Cloak (Z)

Leech (Super Regeneration) – 30% Rarity Chance

  • Swap Leech (V)
  • Equalize Health (C)
  • Steal Stamina (X)
  • Steal Health (Z)

Muscle Augmentation – 6.5% Rarity Chance

  • Leapin’ Smash (B)
  • Muscled Flight (V)
  • Ground Smash (C)
  • Augmentation Transform (X)
  • Shockwave Punch (Z)

Quirkless – None

  • None

That’s everything to know about Project Hero Quirks Tier List for best power and abilities.  If you want to know the best characters, and items in all the popular games (including Roblox ones), make sure to check out our Tier Lists category.