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Jailbreak is a very famous game, in fact, it is among the most downloaded and played nowadays. It was released on the 1st of April 2017 and since then it has amazed the Roblox community.

In this article we are going to share with you Jailbreak codes that will help you get free rewards and gifts.

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Redeem for 5K Cash (NEW) Working Game Code

How To Redeem Codes In Jailbreak?

At Jailbreak you cannot redeem codes as easily as in other games. In this case you have to find an ATM. The easiest way is to go to the police station, starting the game as a policeman. But if not, you can also go to the bank or the train station. Once you find the cash machine, you open it and enter the code you want to redeem as in the picture below:

Ready to go! If you have entered the code correctly you will receive your reward.

What Is Jailbreak?

Game Description

Any player who registers on the Roblox platform must play Jailbreak yes or no, it is a kind of ritual that you must follow (joke ????).

The game is an open world of cops and robbers. Have you ever played something like this with your friends in the neighborhood? Now you can do it on Jailbreak from your computer or mobile.

When you start the game you can choose between being a policeman or a prisoner. If you are a policeman, you will be shown up at the police station inside the prison, near the prison or at the military base. Because of the role you will receive a gun, a pair of handcuffs and an electro-shock weapon (TASER).

The pistol is used to shoot the prisoners or criminals from a distance, the handcuffs to send them to prison and the TASER to stun them. The more criminals you capture, the more money you earn.

If you choose the prisoner faction you will appear with nothing in a cell or other part of the prison. While in prison you will be considered a prisoner, when you escape, you will become a criminal.

To escape from prison you will need a key card that the police have. You can remove it by killing them and pressing the letter E (you will most likely get a gun instead of a card). Don’t let anyone see you, or you could be caught.

The aim of this role is to commit crimes in the city in order to earn money. You can rob banks, cars, jewellery shops… or buy your own things.

The Jailbreak controls are very intuitive. To move you use A, S, D and W, to duck C, to hit F and to perform E actions. The game is well optimized on mobile devices.

Why Play Jailbreak?

As we said, Jailbreak is the most popular game in Roblox. You will never be alone, and you will be able to share your experiences by joining one of the many communities on social networks. Besides this, the game always receives updates to make it more and more fun.

Roblox Jailbreak Codes